Grand Tetons

Took a drive up to see the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone this past week. I think the Tetons might be one of the most recognizable ranges in the world. In the foreground here  you see the Snake River, which originates in Wyoming. At 1,078 miles long, it is the largest North American river that empties into the Pacific Ocean. Fantastic stuff to see up here and it will take more than one trip to see it all.  If you go, I highly recommend the raft trip down the river which you can pick up at the Signal Mountain Lodge.

This is Mark. He was our guide down the river. The sheer amount of information he shared with us on the 2 hour trip was mind-boggling. Very entertaining and he really made it fun. Be sure to check it out.

Processing: I guess I need to pay attention when I’m working on these because I don’t remember clearly what I did. I did bring down the shadows to give it silhouette look and added an Alien Skin filter to add some color to the vignette.

Lesson learned. I will NOT go on another trip like this with only the Fuji x100s. I knew it would be problematic. I REALLY needed a high quality, wide-angle zoom, which basically means, another camera.

Somebody Had a Great Christmas

Yes, somebody did have a great Christmas. And his name is Sammy the Dog. Actually, a good time was had by all, but Sammy REALLY likes Christmas. He gets to shred all the wrapping paper. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Processing: Initial adjustments in Lightroom 4 and then Perfect B&W from onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 8.

iphonography Zen Master

In my opinion, Justin Balog is THE iphonography and Snapseed Zen Master. I’m always amazed at what he does with his iphone. Along with Snapseed, a high-powered and user-friendly photo editing app for the iphone and ipad, he creates some stunning images. He also just happens to love to teach others the joys of creativity and how to maximize the creative power of their simple digital devices.

Big World Little Lens is his guide to the hidden creative power lurking in your iphone.

Included in this book are videos highlighting some of his favorite apps, 10 tips to improve your iPhone Photography, apps and workflow recommendations, gear suggestions, a Hipstamatic flash/film/lens comparison, and ways to send as well as extend your  Turn your iPhone into a loyal creative companion and never miss a moment again. Learn ten tips and tricks to easily enhance all your iPhone images. Be inspired by iPhone images from around the world, annotated with the apps that were used to make them

Once you capture your images, you may want to add a little creative magic. Don’t worry. There’s an app for that. And Justin can show you how to get the most out of this amazing software. This is where Snapseed, the Definitive Guide comes in.

The book includes:

  • 14 video tutorials totaling over an hour of instruction.
  •  eBook featuring Snapseed tips and before and after image comparisons.
  •  Creative ways to enhance your photographs with Snapseed.
  •  Fundamentals of creative image processing.

You’ll work alongside Justin and process the images together.  You will have access to all sample images so you can follow along! You can find both of these ebooks and view sample pages from each at

Eye of Sauron

Maybe not really the Eye of Sauron, but if you squint your eyes and have an overactive imagination like I do, you may see it. If you’re like me, you find yourself out and about without your camera a lot. If you do take it along, it’s something else to keep track of. But if you don’t, and you come across something that might be fun to get a shot of, then you’re outta luck. So, the moral of the story is, don’t be lazy. Take the camera with you. I actually forced myself to do that and when I passed this innocuous little clump of flora, I was ready.

Processing: Mostly in Lightroom 4, with a slight glow, vignette, and a little dynamic contrast from Perfect Effects 8

Flying Arrow

The holiday season (I call it Christmas) is always a time for looking back and remembering. I guess it’s because many of us have fond memories of past times with our family and friends… and our toys. I love vintage stuff. Its’ funny how old things seem to have more intrinsic value, probably because we sense that they were built to last, like this Flying Arrow. I bet this thing is 50 years old… probably older. And it looks like you could still use it.

Processing: Mostly done in Lightroom 4, Sepia preset and tweaked a little, with some film scratches from the textures module in Perfect Effects 8. I added the faint white vignette to give it a hazy-memory look.